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About the Company

Sarasota, FL-based GPSi Holdings, LLC is the established leader in the rapidly expanding market of GPS-enabled wireless golf course management systems mounted on golf cart fleets. Among its many feature sets for the golfer, the System provides GPS acquired distance information from the cart position to the pin and other landmarks such as traps and hazards.

GPSI and its predecessors, ProLink Holding Corporation have installed Systems on over 900 golf courses, primarily in the US, Europe and the Middle East, which represents an estimated global market share of more than 90%.

GPSI’s hallmark technology, Visage, is the Company’s newly-developed, proprietary touch screen GPS System that allows golf course owners to increase revenues, reduce expenses, manage key assets and deliver a unique golf experience to their customers, similar to the previous generation Systems in the golf industry all at a fraction of the cost.

GPSI’s main business operation is the development, production, financing and after-market service of the Visage GPS system, the Company’s latest generation System. The System displays information on a 10.1” full color video display unit installed on the golf cart and has many high definition and dynamic graphical features including: accurate yardage from the cart to the pin and hazards, an electronic scorecard, a robust tournament feature set including a real-time leaderboard, interactive food and beverage ordering from the cart and sophisticated course reporting capabilities including cart rounds played, time per hole, and current cart positions. The Visage design benefits from decades of engineering hours invested in many of the legacy Systems as well as invaluable experience in deploying and supporting these Systems.

The creation and funding of a wholly-owned leasing subsidiary has immediately allowed the Company to offer multiple pricing options to its customers without dependence on a 3rd party financier, while also creating a profitable recurring revenue stream.

Golf courses receive numerous benefits from installing these Systems including: increased customer satisfaction, improved course management and potential revenue generation opportunities through the ability to offer higher margin food and drink items as well as advertisements and coupons. Golf courses have indicated an increase for food and beverage per golfer per round and an average green fee increase per round.These factors result in an overall average ROI IRR of 125% over a 5 year rental period.