Raise productivity, protect assets and increase revenue for your operation. 

Before the Round

Visage lets you see the condition of every car in the fleets and foresee problems that might impact a customer’s enjoyment. In staging mode, it dramatically reduces phantom rounds and vandalism. You can assign a Visage-equipped car to a specific golfer, control its speed, and track where it goes. 

During the Round

Establish no-go zones, set car-path only, surround sensitive and dangerous areas with a geofence that’s an invisible barrier against traffic. A Visage-equipped fleet is totally at your command anywhere on your property. Need to send a message to any or all cars out on the course? Visage is on it. 

After the Round

Visage can email the customer’s scorecard to his or her address. It can also offer the customer a discounted after-round beverage or meal, a bounce-back round, or pro shop purchase. All of the car’s activity is available for download. If you lose a car, Visage will locate it.